Elmo For Christmas? Again?

Sep 18

Expect to see a new surge in Elmo-buying parents this Christmas season as ¬†begins¬†the advertising campaign¬†for its latest version of the furry little red guy.¬† This time, he’s talking, singing, grooving and telling knee-slapping jokes and looks more life-like than ever – as life-like as a Sesame Street puppet can get, anyways.¬†¬†He is¬†, and judging by the growing buzz around this new toy,¬†you can bet he‚Äôll be sitting mute under thousands of trees this year, waiting for pyjama-clad youngsters to rip off the red wrap and turn him ‚Äòon.‚Äô¬† Carols sung by the piano and Uncle Marty‚Äôs holiday joke routine will¬†be pushed aside as¬†Elmo takes the spotlight (at least until¬†his high-pitched¬†voice grates a few too¬†many nerves.)¬†


Live Elmo is available in stores on October 14; however,¬†customers are encouraged to pre-order their gifts (so as not to disappoint the wee ones come Christmas time.)¬† has limited online purchases to a maximum of six Elmo‚Äôs per order, and warns buyers that they will not receive their order¬†until December 4th due to the backlog of pre-orders.¬† Canadian customers can pre-order the toy through for $64.99 to have it shipped by October 14, or pick one¬†up at the store (they’ll also be available at Wal-mart.)¬†


While a number of parents will not think twice about racing to the closest store before Halloween to purchase their child’s Christmas joy, other more sensible-minded folks may be wondering, why should I buy¬†this furry, red, singing, dancing,¬†friendly monster¬†for my child?¬† Well, just in case¬†Mattel’s commercials do not convince you of the merits of this year’s Live Elmo, I’ve compiled a list of reasons to help sway you toward the right purchasing decision this Christmas:

  1. Once your little angel learns (via television commercials) that she or he can have her very own personal Elmo, you’ll be compelled – no, thrilled! – to fulfill her Christmas wish.
  2. Elmo can sing 2 songs, play 2 games, recite 2 stories and tell 5 jokes.  When was the last time you offered such variety to your child in one sitting?
  3. You can let Mr. Funny entertain your child so you can steal some valuable time for yourself (you know you want it!)
  4. There are few more heart-warming moments than the one when your child unwraps a gift and learns with wide-eyed joy that she’s received the best-selling electronic toy of the season… Thanks Santa!
  5. Come on… admit it!  You think he’s cute, too.
  6. If the batteries haven’t died by the 500th time you’ve heard him tell the “flying” joke, you can pull them out yourself.¬†¬†But no matter how sick of Elmo you are, do not tell your preschooler with hand-wringing glee that Live Elmo is now Dead Elmo.
  7. You’ve always wanted to cut back on your child’s TV-watching habits.  Now you can!  Tell your child that Elmo’s World is off-air because he’s here in the house.  Then have her play with Live Elmo for a quarter an hour, or half-hour, or three-quarters of an hour.
  8. Sure, it’s a little creepy to have a toy with such life-like qualities, but that didn’t stop your mommy from buying you a Cabbage Patch Kid, did it?
  9. When the teacher asks if your child is being read to regularly, you can look her in the eyes and silently nod your head.
  10. Who are you kidding?  There is no such thing as a sensible-minded parent during Christmas.  Just try to remember what you bought for your kids last Christmas.  And now think about your credit card statements that followed.


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