Rutabaga Recipe

Oct 31

In today’s climate of scrimping and saving, cutting back on the grocery bill is one of the most obvious ways to cut the household expenditures.¬† Fortunately for us moms, the least expensive groceries are often the most nutritious foods.¬† But buying these items can be daunting when your culinary expertise is limited to frozen prepared dishes and pre-washed salads.¬† In this recipe, I tackle the rutabaga – a versatile, but rather unpopular root vegetable.¬† Below is an inexpensive and easy recipe to make, it’s packed with nutrients and is surprisingly tasty.¬† I cannot, however, guarantee your kids will eat it… Two out of my three¬†boys enjoyed it, the third one ate it after much coercion.

You need:

1 rutabaga
3 to 5 carrots medium sized carrots
vegetable or chicken stock (I use cubes b/c they’re so easy)
cheddar cheese

Peel and cut into cubes the¬†rutabaga and carrots.¬† You should have about equal amounts of both.¬† Boil them in 1 to 2 inches of chicken or vegetable broth until they’re soft.¬† Drain the liquid, add 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese¬†and mash or blend in food processor until smooth.¬† Add salt to taste.


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