Healthy Snacks by Frito-Lay

Nov 04

With the kids licking lollipops and flipping¬†Rockets into their mouths, it’s hard to recall that only a few days ago (pre-trick-or-treat) they happily munched on carrot sticks and homemade oatmeal cookies.¬† But, soon the candy will run out, and their sugar-laced taste buds will once again appreciate the¬†flavours of¬†home baked goods¬†and naturally sweetened fruits.¬† It’s not just the moms who are anticipating the return to nutritious snacks, the trend toward healthier munchies, and¬†less junk food eating is being embraced by the big snack producers.¬† Consider the latest takeover of Alberta-based¬†Spitz International Inc. by PepsiCo Inc., which also owns .¬† Spitz, which offers packs of sunflower and pumpkin seeds in various flavours, has enjoyed an¬†increasing presence in Canadian grocery stores alongside Doritos and Humpty Dumpty.¬†¬†¬†

The addition to PepsiCo better enables the global company to meet the growing demand for healthier snacks, and should be seen as a victory to parents who have continuously shunned the junkfood aisle when shopping for their families.¬† Considering the huge amount of marketing dollars invested by the largest food corporations on snack foods, the news could mean more effort will be devoted to advertising for healthier snacks.¬† Of course, the best foods continue to be found along the periphery of the grocery stores among the produce and dairy, but when a parent is meandering down the middle aisles while contending with a child begging for chips, won’t it be nice to see a bag of pumpkin seeds beside the ketchup chips?¬† It’s not so painful to relent to your child when you can say, “Okaaay, you can have something.¬† Here’s a bag of Spitz.”¬† And, with enough advertising, perhaps sunflower seeds will become the next cool snack at the party.


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  1. Brian /

    Something tells me Pepsi will find a way to curtail costs by taking out all the health in these snacks and replacing them with cheap synthetic ingredients in order to maximize profits.

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