Turn off the Carols to Get into Christmas Spirit

Nov 26

Those cheery, toe-tapping Christmas carols can sure put a swing in your step and¬†a lift¬†to¬†your spirit.¬† Crank up the volume of¬†Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and let the perky words dance from your lips… Had a very shiny no-o-ose…¬†¬†I mean, isn’t that the point of these tunes?¬† They are to remind of us of the joys of the season, or (dare I say it?) contemplate the¬†birth of¬†the world’s Saviour, Jesus Christ.¬†¬†At least, that was their raison d’etre before Happy Holidays¬†became the preferred Christmas greeting and¬†when Advent¬†was actually a four week period of prayer and meditation – not a¬†chocolate-filled December calendar with a picture of Spiderman¬†swinging across it.¬†

Don’t get me wrong.¬† I love Christmas.¬† But by the time December arrives, those wonderful carols have been rolling around in my head like an old orange in the refrigerator drawer that no one bothers to eat.¬† They are played so continuously that¬†they’ve grown stale and tasteless by December 25th.¬† Not to mention, in the effort to provide variety, shoppers are forced to hear every horrible rendition recorded of every song that pertains to a snowy time of year (please… lose the Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey duets!)¬† On top of this, parents must scurry to toy stores and electronics shops to buy the dream¬†items on their children’s lists – thank goodness Santa graciously provides one of them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)¬† Is it any wonder, then, that so many of us find December the busiest time of year, and perhaps even the most stressful?¬†

Which brings us back to the basics of the Season … prayer and meditation.¬† Church leaders try to preach over the kaching-kaching of cash registers and woo us away from long line-ups and busy parking lots with calls to shun the materialism of Christmas.¬† Few can argue their point.¬† However, unless they’re willing to hang out on Christmas morning and wipe the tears off your children’s cheeks when you tell them that “this year, Mommy and Daddy decided to shun materialism”, the shopping malls will be a favoured destination.¬†

A simple way to break from the broken record of Christmas carols and ease the mind numbing effects of dollar, barbie, and action figures is to listen to classical music.¬† Seriously.¬† There are no annoying lyrics to interrupt your thought processes, no mispronouncing of words in songs.¬† And, although one could just listen to the usual Top 40,¬†tapping¬†your toe to¬†”Womanizer, womanizer, you’re a womanizer…” isn’t exactly conducive to finding your Christmas spirit, either.¬† It’s easier than reciting a litany of prayers, and certainly less effort than sitting cross-legged¬†and repeating a mantra for twenty-five minutes.¬† Just close your eyes, relax, and appreciate the genius of the world’s greatest composers.¬† And then, when December 25th hits, throw in a Christmas CD and sing your heart out!

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony¬†


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  1. Brian /

    Yo…I can’t stand Christmas Carols. No joke – the day after halloween Leanne and I went to pick up groceries at Loblaws and the speakers were blasting Deck the Halls…I think it’s just ‘the man’s’ way of trying to force us to spend our money in a total subliminal way…


  2. Jen Herring /


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