Smutty Magazines at the Cash Counter?

Jan 19

Does this belong at a Family Store?

Does this belong at a Family Store?

Is it just me, or have other women grown tired of the constant bombardment of porn images that grace the covers of so many men’s magazines?¬† I have grown too accustomed to turning a blind eye to sleazy photos of young women staring blankly at me with their mouth agape, barely covered breasts thrusting outward.¬† And what of our children?¬† I propose that it cannot be healthy to have my young boys exposed to this type of soft porn every time we buy a freezie at the local Mac’s Milk.¬† Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the fact that they see nudity that bothers me, as much as¬†the portrayal of women as sexual objects.¬† And, believe me, kids know sexual images when they see them.

Today I was at the cash counter at Canadian Tire and was surprised to see the latest issue of Maxim on the magazine rack.¬† Although my children were not with me at the time, I couldn’t help but feel surprised and offended that a respectable family store would display this sort of publication.¬† I have called Canadian Tire’s head office to complain and will see whether they respond.¬† I believe parents should expect a certain amount of restraint from respectable retail establishments.¬† To me, it is no more appropriate for a children’s store, such as Gymboree, to sell this magazine than it is for a store that sells¬†any portion of their merchandise to young families.¬†

If you agree that this type of magazine does not belong at Canadian Tire, I encourage you to send an email to their Corporate Social Responsibility department at



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  1. Jeff Dwyer /

    I see your issue significant and in no way not and issue. The problem I see is that the overall message is sent to sell issues.. therefore it is a capitalist ideal. It is easy to see how marketing and general media has changed the overall view of a publicly defined border line. We do not mostly live in rural areas as per our greater generations and this type of exposure is therefore what is the cost. On a plus we live in countries that dont have dead bodies in public on a daily, weekly, monthly issue. I believe in constant improvement and that these issues are therefore valid. My question is how do you propose to intervene?