Feeling Down? Watch Commercials.

Jan 21

Some people go to church.¬† Some people go for a run.¬†¬†Some will¬†shun the newspaper.¬† While others will bake a cake.¬†¬†Whatever it is that¬†smooths the worry wrinkles on our brows¬†- we all need an opportunity to feel happy when times are bringing¬†us down.¬† Today, it’s not very hard¬†to descend into despair in the midst of a dreary, cold winter with an economy in the tank and¬†no end in sight¬†to the constant threat of terrorism and war, courtesy of the Middle East.¬†¬†North Americans are seeking a glimmer of hope in whatever, or whomever, they can.¬† And where there’s a demand, there’s a marketing strategy.¬†¬†

Pepsi is among the first companies to sell hope, er, soda, uh…¬†I mean, optimism in a can?¬†¬†Their latest ad campaign is a feel-good montage of bright colours and happy words.¬† The kids will love it, for¬†the catchy tune is certain to get their legs jumping and hands clapping.¬†¬†But, lest you think¬†the¬†sole purpose of the ad is put a smile on your gloomy face, there are not-so-subtle allusions to the Pepsi brand throughout.¬†¬†So, if you think slurping fizzy sugar drinks will wash away your sadness, buy some Pepsi.¬† Otherwise, snap your fingers and tap your toes for the 30 second break in your¬†TV show, then try not to think about your grocery bills, job security,¬†kids’ lessons, or mortgage, and¬†for goodness sake… don’t get cynical about huge corporations trying to promise you happiness if you buy their goods!


The kids will be dancing to this one.  And asking for more pop?  Perhaps.


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