Canadian Tire Pulls Maxim Magazines

Jan 27

A few days ago I complained to the head office for Canadian Tire about their display of Maxim Magazines at the cash register.¬† As I explained in this blog, I felt that type of publication was inappropriate for a retailer that markets and sells to families.¬† Today, I am happy to report that the head of Corporate Social Responsibility called me to apologize for the magazine display and has ensured that all Maxim magazines have been pulled from any stores that sold them.¬† She explained that not every store included this publication on the magazine rack, but those that did, no longer will do so.¬† This is a win for all women and parents of young children and a welcome reminder that it’s better to voice your dissent than turn a blind eye and mutter under your breath.¬† Thanks to any of you who emailed Canadian Tire to rectify this situation.


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    Congratulations on making a difference

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