How Green is Your Family?

Jan 28

Here’s a great calculator developed by National Geographic that measures the “greeness” of your family’s lifestyle.¬† Once you find out your “greendex” you can compare it to scores calculated for 14 countries around the world.¬† My family fared quite badly with a calculation of “49.”¬† About equal to Canada’s total score.¬† The things I need to most improve upon are my reliance on a fuel-guzzling minivan and my tendency to eat imported foods rather than locally produced products.¬† While I rely almost completely on Ontario fruits and vegetables in the summer (including a small garden for tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, apples and raspberries), the winter means bananas from Costa Rica, oranges from California… you get the point.¬†

I don’t plan to purchase a new vehicle any time soon (budget does not allow.)¬† But I will try to walk or ride my bike more often (snow days excepted) and look for the Ontario Produce logo in the grocery aisles.

Give it a try and see how well you fare.


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