Marketing Kids to Nag Mom and Dad

Feb 04

Ever wonder why the marketers have so much power to sway your child’s preferences?¬† Well, watch this video and you’ll see for yourself.¬† It’s the perfect David versus Goliath scenario.¬† Mom and Dad’s voices cannot possibly compete with the omnipresence of a multibillion dollar investment in advertising and marketing research devoted to children.¬† The following video is quite long (about 10 minutes) but worth the time.¬†

What can parents do to offset the effects of advertising? 

  1. Do not take part in marketing research of any kids. 
  2. Help your kids understand that the advertisements they see have only one purpose in mind Рto make money.  Other than making a profit, they have no interest in the well-being of the children to whom they market. 
  3. Voice your concerns, as a parent.  Visit this web site  to stay apprised of what is happening in the advertising industry, and look for opportunities to sign petitions or write letters to corporations that you believe are undermining your job as a parent.


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