A Sexual Burger King Ad for Kids?

Apr 07

Parents now have another excuse for not taking their kids to a fast food restaurant (besides the most obvious one – unhealthy, fatty foods).¬† A new ad from the fast food giant, Burger King, features¬†the King, himself, singing a rendition of of Sir Mix-A-Lot‚Äôs 1990‚Äôs hit song, “Baby Got Back‚Äù with the new lyrics, ‚ÄúI like square butts and I cannot lie.‚Äù¬† It’s an effort to market their latest Kids Meal that features Sponge Bob Square Pants to unsuspecting children and their parents.

In it, Britney-Speerified “girls” shimmy their behinds for the camera in red hot pants.¬† Just in case¬†that segment is¬†not inappropriate enough for kids, there’s¬†a shot of a woman wearing a slinky red dress who then turns around to display her backside so that¬†the “King” can measure it with a measuring tape.¬†


Question to Burger King:¬† Did any of the marketing gurus that pulled the ad together have kids themselves?¬† My guess is… No.¬† I admit, my kids love the junk that McDonald’s and Burger King¬†serve (despite my efforts to teach them that it starves their body of everything needed to grow into big healthy boys.)¬† They’re all in primary school – the ideal age group for a kids meal.¬†¬†So how is it that kids under the age of ten need a lesson in¬†the demoralization of women?¬† My kids, thankfully, still believe that all women are like their mother… Strong, smart, respectful, funny and pretty (of course).¬† But thanks to the marketing kings at Burger King,¬†now they can learn¬†practice of checking out asses.¬† Hmmm… how about their teacher’s rear-ends?¬†¬†Or better yet, the small behinds of their young¬†female school mates.¬†

So, thank you Burger King.¬† For giving me another reason to never eat at your “restaurant” again.¬†

I encourage all parents to share their outrage with Burger King and Nickelodeon through the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood’s web site at¬† http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/621/t/6725/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27008.¬† Let’s stop this ad before¬†more kids are exposed to it.¬†


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  1. Matt /

    Yeah, take a look at the lyrics. Some of them are pretty racy. Especially the line about thongs!


  2. Kevin /

    This ad is a bit scary for sure. Karen and I notice a lot of sexuality during the most family based timeslots on TV. It seems to be getting worse I’d say.

    This commercial, oddly enough, would deter most women with children to going there, and they are most likely to be going out for lunch with anyone interested in a kids meal. The other part about this commercial is that it might only be interesting to men, who only need to be shown a reasonable price, and juicy looking burger anyways.

  3. Mark /

    This commercial is aimed at adults and young adults and is over the line. Sure it is funny but to combine one of the most sexually explicit videos ever made and pair it with a cartoon for young children is irresponsible. It contains the line: “I wanna git wit’cha, cause you’re makin’ me richer.” Anything for money. Go here to email a letter of complaint: http://hilltownfamilies.wordpress.com/2009/04/07/takeaction-5/#comment-20963

  4. n Waff /

    Yes, just what we all want to teach preschoolers, to be flaunting and staring at butts. If we want to teach girls to dance like strippers and boys to be perverts, we need to start young – like pre-k. And all thanks to Burger King and Nickelodeon for their sexualization of preschoolers.

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