A Twitter for Brand Marketing?

May 19

Where any two people are gathered in my name, there am I.¬† While this phrase would be familiar to anyone who¬†knows the Bible, it could just as easily be translated as a quote from any brand marketer.¬† That’s because the constant gathering of voices and opinions on the internet has opened up a deluge of possibilities for marketers to push their brand.¬† While three people chatting in a living room don’t have reason to worry that anyone is eavesdropping or that a “spy” is among them dropping hints about the best new coffee to hit North America, those same three people cannot be so certain of their privacy if their “chat”¬†moves online.¬† Companies and their marketers are on the prowl for every opportunity to re-enforce a brand’s¬†image¬†that is meant to¬†convince people they need to buy it.¬† Don’t believe me?¬† Consider newly launched social networking site .

According to Advertising Age, this new social networking site, launched by Glam Media,¬†has been created to help companies market their brands.¬† It is based on the same premise as Twitter (did you catch the similarity in name?), but instead of following people, Tinker “is¬†the place to go see what events people are twittering about” According to Glam Media’s¬†.¬†¬†The site sells itself to users as a place to chat about events and places.¬† However, it is actually a serious marketing tool¬†for companies who wish to get their brand in front of those consumers that are most likely to be interested in their product.¬† Companies can go so far as to filter what is being said about events to ensure the conversation¬†keeps the brand shining bright, including any mention of competitors.¬† Doesn’t sound like free speech to me…

In a video clip shown on Advertising Age, Joe Lagani goes on to explain to leading marketers why Glam Media developed Tinker:

“If this were your brand and your brand is being discussed out there and you were able to assemble this ongoing positive conversation about your brand or about events that you wanted your brand to be associated with how can you get that in front of your consumer.”¬†

If you didn’t notice – he said brand four times in that one sentence.¬†

There’s nothing wrong with companies trying to sell their product.¬† This is what drives their profits.¬† But people chatting online need to be¬†aware of the potential to be¬†manipulated by companies who are interested in one thing – getting their money.¬† Kids especially need to be made aware of the possibility that their conversations are being monitored by corporations.¬† They’ve embraced the digital chat rooms with little concern for who is listening and how that may effect them.¬† So, next time you or your children chat online, listen very, very carefully – because you may discover someone else is listening.


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