This Christmas Toys R Us Lets Your Fingers do the Shopping

Nov 21

The hand will be getting some extra exercise over the coming month of December as parents dip into their pockets or purses and open their wallets. ¬†But their legs might get a surprising rest.¬† That’s because Santa’s favourite workshop (read: Toys R Us) is offering customers the opportunity to shop right from their mobile devices.


That’s right.¬† Leave the wallet right where it is, Mom and Dad, and grab for the phone.¬† Just like browsing in front of the computer, customers can peruse the toy store’s offerings, select that talking doll or flashing baby toy, and buy it – from anywhere.¬† Got ten minutes between meetings?¬† Order the newest Star Wars Lego set.¬† Sitting alone in a caf?© waiting for the gals to show?¬† Take a minute to peruse the latest My Little Pony.¬† (Just when you thought hanging out at Starbucks couldn’t get more expensive!

For busy parents, this may relieve some of that pressure to prepare for the most hectic season of the year.¬† And for others, it’ll mean finding the time to finally bake that batch of gingerbread cookies they keep promising the kids.¬†

Be careful to count your pennies, though – it’s easy to forget how much one is spending when there’s no exchange at the cash register.¬† Perhaps the next holiday app will offer automatic budgetary restraints that set off alarm bells to eager fingers. ¬†But don’t expect a retail business to come up with that one any time soon.

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  1. Kelly /

    Its already waayyyy too easy to spend money!At some stores you dont need to sign your credit card receipt and at others all you do is tap your mastercard and the job is done! Scary-but easy! Cant imagine the trouble that people will get into if they can use their mobile devices. Definitely not something I will do!

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