New Aspirations for Canada’s Kids

Mar 03

I don’t often have wonderful things to say about television’s impact on kids, however the Olympic Games are a clear exception to my usual rant against the boob tube.¬† Canada’s spirited display of a country bursting with pride at not only their stellar athletes, but the nation itself has been an inspiring experience for all of us who have been watching.¬† The television has managed to spread that indefatigable thrill of seeing fellow Canadians push their physical and mental strengths to the limits.¬† And succeed.

My kids now have a new aspiration to add to their list of things they want to be when they grow up.¬† In fact, my 7-year old son came home today with a fill-in-the-blanks activity that he’d completed at school.¬† He was asked to describe himself as a person in a community.¬† Here’s what he wrote:

I am a… Olympic skier.

Here are three things I do in my work.

  1. I ski
  2. I use poles
  3. I start at a mini hut

Something hard about my work is…¬† trying not to crash into trees

Something satisfying about my work is… people watching me on tv.

My work helps make God’s world a good home by… letting people watch their own country skier ski.

Look out firefighters – there’s a new career in town.¬†


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