Changes to Porridge Report

Sep 27

Wow.  I can’t believe I haven’t posted since June!  I have some good excuses… I’m launching my kids’ chapter book, Danny in a Newfangled World, this fall.  That web site has gotten more of my attention this summer.  And, I’ve been working on a new non-fiction book for parents on how to survive a road trip with kids.  And, just to add more work to my pile, I created a blog to go with that book!  Feel free to check that out if you plan in heading on a road trip, it’s .

This blog, which I began a few years ago as an experiment will be undergoing a change over the next week.  It will continue to concentrate on issues surrounding the media and how it affects kids and families.  However, there will be a new, personal focus.  I will be chronicling my daily struggle with my three boys around screen time.  Every parent knows what that means.

Remember the days when all we had to do was fight with our kids about tv shows?  There was only one thing to turn off back then (way back when my ten year old was just a little toddler.)  Now, I have three boys and many, many more screens to ask them to turn off.

  • TV
  • Wii
  • Two computers (because they steal time on my laptop when I’m not looking)
  • DS Nintendo (three of them)
  • iPod

I know there’s gotta be thousands of mothers and fathers struggling along with me as they battle their kids to shut off a screen and GET out and PLAY.  I’m so looking forward to starting this!  You can follow my tweets, too at


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