Book for Kids Who Love Video Games

Oct 27

Book for Kids Who Love Video Games

I am obsessed with video games.  It’s true.  But not the way my kids are obsessed with video games.  Rather, I am obsessed with how much my kids play video games.  That’s one of the reasons that I decided to write a book for kids who would prefer playing video games to just about anything else (if I’d let them.)   

A couple years ago, after failed attempts to publish an earlier children’s book I’d written, I was ripe to begin a new book, and thus, Danny in a Newfangled World was born – on two sheets of lined paper.  When I shared the story at bedtime with my three boys, they’d insisted that I turn it into a book as soon as possible.  At the time, I was pursuing a career as a short story writer and freelancer with moderate success and was eager to begin a novel for adults.  But their eager insistence that I begin a new project to their liking altered my priorities and I started to write my latest book, Danny in a Newfangled World. 

The most intriguing aspect of my story was that the hero gets sucked inside his computer.  At least, that’s what intrigues kids enough to pick up the book and start reading.  But my greater goal in writing the book was to create a modern-day fairy tale that imbues some important lessons about the new reality, or should I say virtual reality, of today’s children. 

In the story, Danny embarks on one madcap adventure after another and ultimately learns that his fantastical digital world isn’t all fun and games after all, and the choices he makes have consequences.  The toughest part of writing this book was in creating the perfect balancing act between a page-turning suspenseful adventure with deeper messages about internet safety.  After all, there’s no sense in writing a book for kids that kids don’t want to read.  Thankfully, a number of parents have admitted that their kids devoured the 105-page book in one day, they were so immersed in it.  And what did these kids learn about internet safety?  Well, the messages are subtly woven through the story in the hopes that a child will naturally absorb the understanding that bad things can happen while surfing online.  It will not magically change a child’s behaviour over night, but rather help grow that seed of caution that’s been planted in their minds. 

I’m still obsessed with how much my kids play video games and enforce tough rules around computer usage to ensure they develop healthy online habits.  But, like all parents who struggle with finding the appropriate boundaries of the internet, every little bit helps… And Danny in a Newfangled World is so much more fun than another lecture. 

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