Video Game Fridays!

Nov 19

Video Game Fridays!

Week three of the not-so-new, much-despised video game rule. 

No video games from Monday to Thursday.

So simple.  In fact, so simple a rule that even my boys cannot figure out a way to fanagle a freebie video game during the no-play period.  I can’t believe it!  I’ve finally outsmarted my kids.  It only took me ten years to do it.  Keep it simple.  Here are some examples of video game rules that will not work:

  • Video games until dinner.  (Downfall: Will end up yelling at them to stop playing and get their butts upstairs to eat dinner which happens to be a scrumptious meal of mashed potatoes, broccoli and liver.  Yep, that’ll go over just fabulously.  Guaranteed fight.)
  • Finish homework first, then play video games. (Downfall: Kids rush through their homework and studying.  Teacher calls to say their grades are stinkeroo.  And all you can pathetically do is blame those darn video games!)
  • Set a timer so they each play a half hour each.  (Downfall: Oooh, that quiet mom time is sooo nice.  Maybe you’ll just let them play another two hours so you can finish the latest Twilight book.  Then FREAK OUT because you realize they’ve wasted four hours being comatose in front of a screen!)

Simple.  No arguments.  No arm twisting or bribes or eye-rolling or stomping of feet.  Okay, there will be complaints by the kids.  I hear at least one every day or two about how much the rule sucks.  They’re wrong.  The rule doesn’t suck, because sucky rules are rules that can be twisted and broken and eventually tossed into the compost bin to rot.  The rule rocks.

Which brings me to Video Game Fridays.  Today I get to tell my boys, “Go!  Go play video games to your heart’s content!”  The build up from Monday through to week’s end explodes in a chorus of cheers and races to the Wii.  I get to enjoy guilt-free quiet time over a glass of red wine and celebrate that I have not had a single fight over video games with my kids… All.  Week.  Long.


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