Forget January, These Resolutions Start September

Sep 07

School officially starts today for my boys.  True to boy-form, my kids have no desire to re-enter their school.  Not the least of their reasons why include the return of my video game ban from Monday to Thursday, practicing their instruments daily, the end of peanut butter sandwiches, and being barked at by the school bus driver to sit down every morning and afternoon.

While I’m as ready as an egg on devil’s night for the kids to return to school, I empathize with them.  It’s not easy to transition from the carefree days of summer to those dedicated mostly to desk-sitting and teacher-listening.  Although my kids recognize there are some perks to returning to academia (friends, recess, new running shoes), they know a raw deal when they see it.

That’s why this time of year seems an ideal time to set resolutions for myself.  As my kids forge ahead into their new school year, with new responsibilities and the pressure to learn new things, earn good marks, and meet the teachers’  raised expectations of behaviour because “you’re one year older”, I will also set some standards that seemed way too much effort only a few days ago as I sipped Pinot Grigio on a cottage dock.

My resolutions (in no particular order of importance):

  1. Be a cheerleader to my kids more often than a critic – even when their piano rendition of Ode to Joy makes me want to cry (from all the money I spend on lessons).
  2. Learn all the cool things I can do with my new MacBook Pro so I can create better author visits, better blog pages, better videos, and be one of those cool Apple people that just seem to know more about technology than the rest of us.
  3. Teach my kids all the cool things they can do with a Mac that will help them use technology creatively (or earn riches posting irritating, yet funny, videos on YouTube).
  4. Create an amazing, interactive Author Visit presentation that keeps kids interested, yet inspires them to be creative (PLUG: if you haven’t bought my kids’ book yet, check it out here:  AWESOME BOOK.)
  5. Update my blog at least twice per week and reach #50 of the top 50 tips by Christmas.
  6. Keep up my querying and networking to find a commercial publisher for my book series.  (PLUG: see #4)
  7. Start drafting a new book (Book #3 perhaps?).
  8. Return to getting up painfully early in the morning to get a head start on my writing.
  9. Stay on top of my kids’ digital know-how to ensure we maintain an open discussion on how it affects their lives (and to ensure I get to read all their emails without being forced to use underhanded means).
  10. Return all my kids’  library books on time and use the money I save on fines to buy fancy Starbucks coffees.

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