TED’s Ads Worth Spreading Prove Commercials Can Inspire Goodness

Feb 28

TED just announced the 10 winners of the second Ads Worth Spreading challenge. The contest celebrates advertisements that “communicate ideas with consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience.” In other words: Inspire positive change among individuals, communities, and eventually society. Based on these entries, the screen can, indeed, help make the world a better place for our kids and our families.

These two are among my favourites:

The first one is an ad for Chipotle. The message is rather Lorax-ish in nature. A pig farmer grows his business to industrial proportions only to realize he has made a grave mistake, and thankfully, mends his way by embracing a more ecological approach to living. Beautiful music and inspiring animation. This ad proves that a company can advertise effectively while still promoting a positive message for society.

This next ad, by Sharpie, is another favourite of mine. In our technologically-driven households and communities, this commercial celebrates the raw creative genius of one young man who illustrates beautiful works of art on coffee cups. I could have done without the focus on his plans to travel aimlessly across the world, but the ad’s ability to inspire us all to pursue our individuality through art is admirable.


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