Home Digest Magazine Wants You to Renovate Your Breasts

Mar 26

I just received my Home Digest in the mail. It’s a free mini-magazine that is chalk full of advertising with a few articles sprinkled throughout about home decor. As usual, I quickly perused it and planned to toss it into my recycle bin a few minutes later. But, this time, something caught my eye.

One full page ad (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches) was emblazoned with a full colour display of before and after breast augmentation photos. Three photos to be exact, comparing the progress from flat, droopy boobs to perky full boobs, and finally the LOOK! No scars Ma! Photo (The model even has her arms raised).

Renovate your breasts

I’ve seen a lot of boobies in my day, particularly due to the fact that I have a pair, myself, that have undergone their own journey from perky to tired. So, it’s not because I’m shocked and offended by these graphics, but rather it’s the context and the message that is implicit in this ad.

I have to ask: why is an ad featuring bare breasts in a Home Design magazine, at all? I might expect to see this kind of blatant advertising in Cosmo or InStyle, but not in the pages of a decor-based mag. The odd time that I open the pages of a fashion magazine, however, I can’t recall ever seeing half naked women.

Secondly, the message of the ad, and its accompanying article written by the owner of Skin Vitality Medical Clinic is just plain icky. As if we, the readers, are supposed to look at the model’s small “before” breasts and think they need fixing. Because women are supposed to have a certain size of boobs. And not only that, they should defy all laws of gravity by hovering beside the shoulders with no help from that old-fashioned watchamacallit brazier.

Lastly, I have three young boys whom I’d prefer to not find nudey shots of women in a free mini magazine we get in the mailbox. In the olden days, didn’t they at least have to go out in the dark of night to buy something like that and hide it between the mattress and box spring? In any event, my kids are even too young to do that.

Funnily enough, when I look at the back cover Home Digest, I see a full page ad with a headline across the top that reads: Your Family Deserves The Best.

Damn right. Let’s start with no more freebies in the mailbox.


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  1. So not appropriate!

  2. this is only one example of a increasingly concerning trend. We see inappropriate commercials on treehouse network! It’s a kids station! We don’t need ads for adults…somehow it has become about filling ad space rather than intelligent advertising.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. We fired off an email protesting our disgust re this latest publication, and the following was received by us almost within 12 hours.

    “Thank you for voicing your concerns over a recent advertisement that appeared in Home Digest, your Guide to Home and LIFE improvements.

    Skin Vitality had no intention of offending any of our readers. They have been with this magazine for 17 years and have never submitted inappropriate advertising in the past. This was the first and last time.

    I too am a Mother of 3 young children, and would not knowing publish an ad such as that for kids to see/read. This ad was submitted by an agency and believe it or not, was digitally enhanced to give it a softer look. It is apparent after seeing it in print that this digital imaging was not effective. The Advertiser has been notified and the creative material will be changed in the next issue. If you wish, kindly send me your postal code and street name and I will have your street removed from the postal walks.
    My sincere apologies for offending you and do hope you recognize that this was a one-time error and that you will continue reading Home Digest in the future. Sincerely,

    Kelly Duncanson
    Publisher & VP Sales
    Home Digest Magazine”

    I don’t know how much of a poop-storm this will cause, but I did send a copy of page 15 to CTV Canada. After receiving the apology, we feel somewhat bad about that, but maybe it’s a good thing anyhow.

    Best to you,

  4. dawnapacini /

    As a mother of two young girls and a woman in general, I too worry about the message that this ad sends. Thank you for writing to the magazine. Have you also written a letter to the company that submitted the ad? I would love to write them a letter as well. I don’t have an issue with them providing the service they are providing, but the ad is dispicable and worrysome. D.Pacini

  5. Danielle /

    I’m glad to hear that other moms, like yourselves, are troubled by this ad’s placement in a home design magazine (a free one, at that). I have not contacted the company Skin Vitality, personally, but that’s also a good idea. The worst things we, as parents, can do is just shrug our shoulders and say, oh well. If businesses don’t hear any complaints, they assume all is well, and will continue with inappropriate practices. Kudos to those who made their voices heard. Thanks!

  6. Karen /

    I too was in shock to see such advertising. In fact, it was a man that pointed this out to me and even he was surprised. I will write the editor and ask for a public apology to be made.

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