Is the digital revolution improving our lives (as it’s supposed to) or ruining our lives? Porridge Report tries to answer that complex question through news commentary, digital tips, and the personal anecdotes of writer, author, and mother of three, Danielle Bileski. Once a digital naysayer, herself, she now realizes that those who embrace today’s digital changes will be best equipped to navigate our blended world of virtual and real experiences.

On Writing:

Four years ago, Danielle Bileski was a freelance writer struggling to find work in print magazines. She decided to embrace the burgeoning digital age of journalism by creating her first WordPress blog. Not long after, she self-published a children’s novel, and joined the social media revolution. Torn between her love for long form writing (another novel is in the works) and a passion for web writing, she chronicles her road to success– and failures – as a writer trying to bridge the traditional and new media written forms.

On Parenting:

Although she once vowed that her household would never own a video game console, they now have a Wii, 4 DS Nintendos,2 iPods, an iPad, 2 computers, and very likely will soon own an XBox (if her kids get their way). Her new motto is more along the lines of: Let them play, but only sometimes.  She realizes that the more parents know about this new digital world, the more their kids will respect parental advice. She shares tips, news, commentary, and personal stories for parents, like her, who wonder how this great experiment in raising kids in a digital world will finally unravel.