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Which Works Best Cialis Or Levitra?

ED or commonly known as impotence by many people is very common among men starting in their twenties up to the oldest age. Many have claimed that ED is a common sexual disorder for men who have reached their old ripe age, but this claim is generally not true since a lot of men at their younger age have already experienced ED. There are many factors as to why men experience ED. The most common cause is their medical condition. Second is psychological, for example is stress. The latter is example is generally not permanent for a lot of guys; the inability to get an erection is temporary and will just resume a few days after. For other men, the symptoms could be permanent and this could be due to a more serious health problem. It has been known that men having diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems have higher risk of getting erectile dysfunction. In case of ED symptoms that won’t go away or is permanent, there is a known solution that will help men escape from their sexual problem. Continue reading