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Blog Name: Porridgereport.com
Url: http://porridgereport.com
Language: English
Topics: parenting, media, video games
Description: A Mom, Three boys, and Video Games...a Blog Porridgereport reports on the changing landscape of family dynamics as they relate to the ever present new family member - THE SCREEN, as well as chronicles one mom's struggle to fend off video game domination in a household of boys.
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This is me in LEGO form. Created by my 9-year-old son a few months ago, it combines two of his great loves: his mommy and LEGO. It is a clear sign that I spend a great deal of time parked in front ...
Tip #3 No TV in the Bedroom
Do not put a television in your child’s bedroom. This oft-repeated whiff of wisdom is about as obvious as not feeding kids Oreos for breakfast or letting your toddler take the city bus alone. And y...
Should Facebook’s Rules Change to Allow Kids?
My kids have never asked to join Togetherville. Nor have they heard of What’s What or ScuttlePad. Have you? Probably not. They are all safe social networking sites created exclusively for the under...
Tip #2 Filter What Your Kids Can See
I am a huge advocate for teaching kids self-censorship. In an age where every kind of image not previously known to man has ended up on a screen, all of us (adults and kids) need to accept responsi...
Cyberbullying a Real Threat to All Our Kids
Today, I received a sad Facebook message from my cousin relaying news about a young family member. I am only sharing this to help all parents recognize that no child is completely immune to the tra...
Tip #1 – Show You Care (About Video Games)
How do you feel when your son or daughter excitedly tells you he or she just finished an awesome new book! Pride for their accomplishment? Thrilled that your kids are just as smart as you? Hopeful ...
Parental Controls for iPad and iPod Don’t Filter Mature Apps
In an earlier post I chastised myself for failing to set up the parental controls for our family’s new iPad. My 6-year-old son had inadvertently opened up a screen in the app store offering a myria...
Underage Facebook Users Get the Boot
Every day, approximately 20,000 underage Facebook users are booted off the network. The minimum age required to join the social network is 13 years old (not 18, as so many parents I meet believe). ...
When Old School is New Again
This video makes me feel good. It is a reminder that people still love old school fun. A promotional gig for the game Pictionary, the “photo booth” spits out a cartoon drawing of the subject instea...
A Tech Gift Mom Does Not Want for Mothers Day
Hey Dads! Kids! Great news! You still have time to order the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  According to its website, shipments are guaranteed to arrive by Mother’s Day if you order the iRobot Roomba ...



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