Apr 03

Moms are on facebook.¬† While this may not be an issue for kids as young as mine – who are not yet old enough to post their latest thrills and woes to the online community – it’s an increasing concern among the college set.¬† Would I have ever wanted my parents to catch a glimpse of my exploits at university?¬† Not a chance… but then again, how could they have?¬† The only proof of my shenanigans would have been through the testimony of other drunk twenty-somethings whose memory would have been too impaired to recall with any accuracy anyways.¬† By the time my kids are that age, their generation will undoubtedly have wisened to the folly of proclaiming every action (mundane or explicit) on the internet. Today’s teens, however, are still on the learning curve.

This viral video is a hilarious (although quite crude) presentation of the perils that young adults face as their witless ways, posted on facebook, are evermore exposed to the entire world (uh, Moms and Dads included.) Teenagers, egocentric as they are, have been ignorant to the realities of posting inappropriate images and proclamations on the internet.  It looks like the gig is up and many are realizing that the internet really does include EVERYONE in the world.  Time to start deleting.  Unfortunately, they say once something goes online, it never goes away.


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